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1.Quality Strategy and Target
1.1 Superxon Quality Strategy
Rigorous Attitude ,Professional Management, Superior Quality
Build Superxon Brand,Create Value with Clients

1.2 Superxon Superxon Quality Core Value
Attitude is the Primary
Management is the principle
Quality is the Base
Value is the Result

1.3  Quality Conception 
Considerate-Designed Quality
Ultimate & Perfect Quality
No Quality, No Delivery
Better Product, Better Future
Highlight Procedure to Ensure Quality
Quality is not only the promise to clients, but also the request to Superxon itself.

1.4 Method of Quality Management
Standard + Procedure + execution
Proper Standard, Scientific Procedure , Resolute Execution

2. Environment, occupational health safety and social responsibility
The company creates the working environment and establishes occupational health safety management system in terms of ISO14001、OHSAS18001 standard. We adopt ROHS material to prevent toxic substance by following “Green” design principle. We always care about our employees’ health and safety, though identifying risk, controlling risk, to low employees’ health safety risk. We continually improve employee safety management performance in order to prevent the injury and disease while working in company.

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